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Monday, June 24, 2019

Work in Progress, revisited

Well, since I last published a kanban board of my writing projects, Dream Apart shipped, Network Protocols of Reef Six appeared, and The Unraveling is out in German and due out in English next year from Erewhon Books.

Here's what else is cooking:

First draft not done, currently sleeping First draft not done, actively working on Draft done, back burner or languishing Draft done, actively collecting feedback
& revising
Complete, in the pipeline
Sargasso,YA nanotech SF romp, with Paul Melko
"Birdsense", a tale of evolutionary alternate history
"The Trouble With Danny", a down & out ex-lavanaut in 2150s Malmö
"Motherless Men", a sex-positive matriarchal sword & sorcery story of intrigue; Annalee Newitz thinks it's structurally a Western
"Ever Since", absurdist undergraduate post-apocalypse
"The Life of Morrigan", absurdist dystopian childcare story
"Adaptation", a post-bodyswap/soul-displacement-portal-fantasy story of reintegration
"The Tree of Life", more on Talmudic scholarship and zombies, but with serious downbeat contemporary psychological realism
"Meeting Minutes", a funny interlude outtake from The Unraveling
"Salutations of Second Afternoon, Fullbelly!", a funny interlude outtake from The Unraveling
Reef Six, a sad novella about the ageless and durable wanderer Siob,salvaged from the excised parts of Resilience
Bereft, I Come to a Nameless World, a slightly happier short story about Siob
Wiwipewifawifaldoll, another short story about Siob, currently a mess
The Gospel of Barabbas, an irrealist fable of Roman-occupied Judaea, currently making the rounds
Maghd's Tale, a sequel to A Siege of Cranes, currently making the rounds
Rejoice, My Brothers and Sisters, a story of malleable humanity, forthcoming from F&SF
Elul in the Shtetl, a Zorklike text adventure set in the fantastic shtetl
Shtetl World, a grandly complex tabletop RPG, radical dreidel-based Apocalypse World hack with dreidels, set in the fantastic shtetl
Spring in the Shtetl, a Choice of Games interactive fiction in the same setting as Dream Apart
Tohu vaBohu (a.k.a. Formless and Void), a Fluxxlike competitive card-based tabletop RPG in a Calvino mood
U.G.R.R., a collaborative strategic board game centered on the abolitionist activists of the Underground Railroad
Sing Your Heart Out, a karaoke freeform LARP/tabletop hybrid in a Glee or Pitch Perfect setting, with Jamey Harvey
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