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Friday, February 15, 2019

"Network Protocols of Reef Six" in Sci Phi Journal

So the strange and marvelous little webzine Sci Phi Journal, refuge of "Campbellian hard SF", "fictional non-fiction", and "speculative philosophy", has just been relaunched, with Mariano Rodriguez Martín (who translated my Other Cities series into Spanish, with accompanying neomodernist manifesto) and Ádám Gerencsér at the helm.

My story Network Protocols of Reef Six appears in the first issue of the relaunch. I'm not actually sure "story" is the right word here, since it lacks characters -- even the implied character of a "you", or the "undifferentiated nameless inhabitants taking habitual actions" characters that inhabit the Other Cities. It also lacks a plot. It is a snatch of worldbuilding, from a world that Siob (before I tore ver out of Resilience, thereby turning it into the Unraveling) spent a bunch of time on.

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