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Monday, February 11, 2019

"Sing Your Heart Out" at Larp House

The karaoke larp I'm writing with my friend Jamey Harvey, Sing Your Heart Out, is appearing at the marvelous Larp House in the Twin Cities, and their writeup of it is amazing.

Who thought that a singing competition was a good idea for a nonprofit fundraiser? Now six nonprofit coworkers with a casual singing group have just one week to turn their setlist into something professional. They will have to wow the judges with their vocal talents if they can hope to land the multi-million dollar grant that will keep the doors open on their community organization. Tensions will mount, drama will ensue, and everyone will sing to express their true feelings!

Sing Your Heart Out is a live-action game for five players about a singing group composed of very dramatic people. Think Glee, Pitch Perfect, Fame, and A Chorus Line.

In Sing Your Heart Out every character sings their true feelings and transforms, just like in your favorite musical. Players will portray this by singing karaoke three times during play. Bring your enthusiastic singing voice, no particular skill is required...

In this scene-based larp players will collaborate to create the best scenes for one another. Every character will have a personal arc, but not all of the arcs will be resolved during this play session.

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