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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"The Unraveling" in German; "Fift & Shria" in the creative commons

Okay folks, so you know that novel I've been working on since... pretty much forever? Far-future family drama, coming-of-age, end-of-an-age story, screws with our notions of gender, bodies, families, economic relations, selfhood? Originally called Resilience, morphed into The Unraveling when I fired Siob? A couple of chapters have been published elsewhere? That one?

Well, it's coming out in German! It's published by the excellent Piper Verlag, and translated by Wolfgang Thon, who also translates Peter F. Hamilton. It'll be out in May, and (falls Sie den Roman auf deutsch lesen wollen!) you can pre-order it now.

To celebrate, I'm putting up one of the excerpts from the book (in English), "Fift and Shria", which originally appeared in Solaris Rising 3, under a Creative Commons By-NC-SA license. That means you can share and remix it as long as you're not making money (if you want to share or remix it commercially, drop me a line!). The story is the brief vignette in which the book's main characters first meet as children. There's a lot about it which will make more sense when you read the whole thing, and the plot does, as they say, thicken... but the story should give you a taste.

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