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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Reading at Fantom Comics; also, Fift and Shria in Solaris Rising 3

Next Thursday I'll be reading from The Ant King, at the wonderful Fantom Comics, near Dupont Circle. There may be refreshments. Do drop by.

Where: 2010 P St. NW, Washington DC
When: 6:30pm Thurs 12/11
Whoa: stories and such

Also, hey, guess what I just noticed? My story "Fift and Shria", which we have spoken about before, came out in Solaris Rising 3, ed. Ian Whates. (As an aficionado of open source software from way back, I was tickled to find it positively reviewed by Eric S. Raymond of "The Cathedral and The Bazaar".)

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How'd the reading go?


Posted by: Vardibidian at December 14, 2014 11:51 PM

It went great!

Posted by: Benjamin Rosenbaum at December 19, 2014 01:18 PM
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