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Friday, February 21, 2014

Noah on "Start the Clock"

Noah's personal superhero universe is incredibly detailed. It's mostly his own creation, though some of it is from his friend Timmi (who added a lot of Ben Ten fanfic), and Marvel characters make the occasional cameo (and clearly have inspired some character names, such as Tire Hulk and the Golden Surfer). One character, Computer Carla, is taken from a story of mine.

At the moment Noah is turning this oeuvre into the background of a tabletop roleplaying game he's writing, a Apocalypse World hack called Galaxy World. Computer Carla is the basis of the character class Child of the Cybernetic Overmind, so we were talking about her moves.

Noah: So in Start the Clock, Carla thinks that time is a game. But if she started the clock, she would think that time is a religion.

Ben: What? Why?

Noah: Because...

Ben: Because a game is more of a kid thing?

Noah: Right.Time is just a thing some people believe in, which children call a game, and grownups would call a religion.

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