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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

like: cargovideo

I really like this series on youtube by "cargovideo" -- lecargo.org -- which seems to be a crew of itinerant French sound engineers who run around filming various bands singing acoustic songs (their own, or covers) in random settings, like bars, record shops, streetcorners, and their bedrooms. The production value is simultaneously great (the cargoers are total geeks, who post tech specs of their camcorders and microphones in their video description text fields, and they have a feel for cinematography to) and amateurish (cell phones sometimes go off, or waiters bring drinks, interrupting the set). The bands are eclectic, and mostly great, and the relaxed, intimate setup works really well; the total effect is charming. Some of the bands are well known, others are new or anyway newish. Check it out.

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