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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The robot makes the rounds, searching for faces

Anthroptic is still lounging about the high art world, wearing a black turtleneck, eating canapes, drinking flutes of champagne and occasionally sending me and Ethan a drunken postcard. It was at the JavaMuseum the other day. Wouldn't it be interesting if that museum endured long enough in the future for people to be confused by its name? "Java" already no longer really has the connotation "new, flashy, internet" -- already, it sounds more like if they'd called it the CobolMuseum. It's like calling a movie studio Twentieth Century Fox, or a magazine that's supposed to have technical flair "Wired" or "Analog".

Anyway, now the robot in the black turtleneck is packing its bags to head Down Under, where one of its instances has been acquired for the permanent collection of the Australian National Portrait Gallery, where it will lounge and eat canapes with the other artworks at the vernissage of the show "Present Tense". (It tells me it is looking forward to meeting the young woman in the red Lycra suit with the chainsaw.)

Two other notes -- I am told that you can now nominate a podcast for a Hugo. I like podcasts, and places like the pod family, StarShipSofa and Beam Me Up have done a lovely job with my stories. I understand folks are considering StarShipSofa for best fanzine -- not sure if the pod family would want to go for a pro or semipro category instead.

Also, I got my contrib copy of the March/April F&SF, with "The Frog Comrade". It looks lovely. Amusing: the color, composition, and mood of the cover, and some of the names, are the same as that of the cover of the first F&SF I was ever published in, so that for a moment I thought they had sent me a back issue...!

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