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Friday, February 2, 2007

Pictures from Januaries

Did I mention that Aviva got to get woken up on New Years' to hear the "10...9...8...7......"?

1     2

And we played games: 1     2 (... with some lovely other kids, but rather than including them without permission I just cropped 'em.)
              photo credits: Jeanne Kramer, I think

And here's a great picture that's from almost exactly a year ago, that I never posted: 1
              photo credit: Karen J. Rosenbaum

Posted by benrosen at February 2, 2007 06:52 PM | Up to blog


What's that game you're playing? I can't quite make it out...

Posted by: Dan Percival at February 5, 2007 12:19 PM

It's Go Away Monster! and it is an awesome game, perfect for three-year-olds, a bit young for Aviva perhaps

Posted by: Benjamin Rosenbaum at February 5, 2007 12:38 PM


Even if it's a bit young for her, is it a game where she and Noah can meet and both enjoy it on their own terms? (I'm on play terms with a six-year-old girl and her three-year-old brother, and I'm casting around for activities that let both of them play with me at once instead of one feeling left out.)

Posted by: Dan Percival at February 6, 2007 11:55 AM

Oh yeah. They both enjoyed it. He just seemed somewhat more into it. With board games, I think you definitely want to slant it towards the younger one. Ideally you want to pick something that works as a challenging game for the younger and a casual social game for the older... you can always keep the older one entertained with table-side conversation...

Posted by: Benjamin Rosenbaum at February 6, 2007 01:20 PM


On New Year's Eve this year, P & J and I were driving home just past midnight, and J rolled down his window to shout "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" to everyone we passed on the street. Someone shouted back "I love you!" and J thought that was just the coolest thing ever.

Posted by: Karen at February 8, 2007 09:53 AM
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