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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Machine Transation Blog Meme

1. Take a story or blog entry you wrote, or a few paragraphs thereof.

2. Pop it through as many Google Translate round trips as you feel like. I did them all, in order. Feel free to de-translate words that get marooned, if you know the language, so that you can, for instance, turn "himmlischen" back into "heavenly".

3. Clean it up. You may change paragraphing, punctuation, and parts of speech (tense, case, person, and number) and add (but not subtract) the words "the", "a", "an", "is", "and", "it", "of", "in", "for", "but", and "or".

4. Post and enjoy.

The Orange

by Benjamin Rosenbaum and Google Translate

This world's orange silence is never schemed -- it's unique, in unexpected police; and the simple method is to wear.

All security issues, which are orange; the possibility of the pipeline tickets, printed work-style at the same time. This is to enhance display.

The Fêz discussions, the answers, are moderate to excellent, and it is in the mail, in the internals -- different orange tractors, birds, the pleasant, one man... according to you. In this song thing... because of the engine response, and the tractors.

Who has been shrouded in visitors? Over Orange, WorldCom, and the possibility of improved research methods and interpretation for aircraft?

To establish quality, one thing is a simple way -- the wide spaces.

You fear the Indian style of writing, and to ensure passengers. Installation and periodic adjustments, back from holiday, to explain the answer. In summer, in the rear gesture, this Lama-Darai Orange -- that it lives in some one!

From research and standards for, the Orange: "an unyielding spirit" is "the choice of which function".

When you work in a seasonal benchmark, it must be time.

Accelerated: India, and your work style. Rigulaturs shouted, "the jury is painful experience!" Which you are, in different places, Orange. For example -- the orange and the world. But it is improving.

"My friends will be in the Ohio National."

"This is like it! In the cold of winter, the lake is the center of Chicago, and of community spirit, and of statistics."

Orange is consistent with the high security of many seats, and of some drug injections, to absorb the spirit. And the choice of the ring was for it, but it withdrew in Parliament, and removed Syey from Big Chicago.

Their names, and a sprite traffic distribution of barrier removal teams, nationwide, are a system of data, and the return to the results of punishment. To comply with the U.S. standards, Êve's Eastern Time Veterinary Reference is into communication differences.

The kind of man for it -- when gold-burdened teenage lesbians, who approach to soak old agricultural people, are to improve the orange! A large number of orders in 39 days, and I am on Saviwai Hill third.

The world and fruit! Rotary International!

And about a basket, professor, at the university, in the third standard? "With the passage of time."

"They went out to eat," you said today.

The remaining time, from a country.

(Maybe the rules are too restrictive? Would it be more interesting to be able to then cut up to half the words, and perhaps to add any words up to three letters long?)

Posted by benrosen at May 9, 2006 03:37 PM | Up to blog

Dig it. https://holychao.blogspot.com. The only story I've written in recent memory, I already posted here, a few months back. So I put it through the wringer of Google Translate, and BEHOLD!

Posted by: Matt Hulan at May 12, 2006 09:15 AM
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