Saturday, June 9, 2001

I guess I was rather cryptic and depressive about "Droplet" in my last entry. Since then a bunch of people have read it -- Esther, Martin and Trey of RMCrit, Jamey when he visited, and Rebecca while we were at my Brown reunion. Noone else had the reaction I did -- that the ending was too violent. I guess I just get the heebie-jeebies when I write a rape scene...Yuk.

Esther hated it, but not because of the violence -- she thought it was just too complex and alien, and she couldn't sympathize with any of the characters. She's not a science fiction reader, though, so when she hates things for having intricate world-building and truly alien aliens, I think that's a good sign. Everybody else seems to like it. I sent it to Mary Anne Mohanaraj for her erotic anthology "Bodies of Water". Its chances are not great -- she wrote on the Rumor Mill that she's swamped with sf/f submissions for the anthology and has only a couple of slots for sf/f. But what the hell.

If it bounces there, I will have to tone the sex down some and submit it to GVG. I won't have time while I'm at Clarion West, so unless I want to preemptively bowlderize it this week, it won't go out again until August.

I was waiting for "Baby Love" from Asimov's in vain! They don't track manuscripts: if you don't hear in 3 months, you're supposed to assume it was lost in the mail and resubmit. Argh!! Four months wasted!! From now on I send a self-addressed "We received your manuscript" postcard along! Anyway, I'm sick of waiting for them, so I sent it to GVG. If he bounces t, it'll go to Analog, Asimov's again, or SCIFI.COM next...

I finally finished my revision of "A Siege of Cranes". I cut over a thousand words and managed, I think, to deal with most of the problems people had with it. I'm pleased. It goes out to GVG when I hear about "Baby Love".

I got a request for revision on "Other Cities" from Strange Horizons -- they wanted me to expand it, of all things! I now have and I'll be sending the expanded version to them again shortly. This is the second time I've submitted to Strange Horizons and the second time I got a request for revision -- all their editors seem to be creative, opinionated, fun to work with, and generous with authorial feedback. 

In a week I'll be at Clarion West. I'm trying to wrap everything up here, pack and get ready. I'm so excited! I think this will be sooooo much fun....

Aviva is a very friendly and energetic little girl. Her latest favorite thing to do is flying, in which I pick her up as if she were an airplane and swing her forward. She has the most beatific expression as she's soaring through the air.

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