Wednesday, April 18, 2001

This one will be short, but I do owe my folks some pictures of Aviva.

Here she is taking a bath:            

Here she is with the Bizarre Toy:                

I have more, but I'm saving them up against the next bout of nagging.

She laughs often now. She is wonderful.

My poem "A Gardener Betrayed By Roses" is up at Strange Horizons.

I'm happy it's up, but I'm actually sort of sick of it, after editing it so many times!

Still biting fingernails over "Baby Love" at Asimov's. And the various other things out. 

Both Crimp and "A Siege of Cranes" are now in a holding pattern as I work on "Droplet", a far-future erotic science fiction story that insisted on being written after I read the blurb submission guidelines for the "Bodies of Water" anthology in Speculations. More on that later.

Congratulations to Hilary on her reading (which surely her long-awaited next journal entry will mention, eh, Hilary?), to Vera on selling unbelievable heaps of stuff lately, to Marti on her story in Vestal, Charlie Finlay on more story sales to F&SF and On Spec, to everyone else who sold or finished stuff or did other good things, and particularly to all the post-Dare Rats who are slugging through their novels (Go Trey! Go Sam! Go Karina! etc.). 

Y'all be good now.