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Thursday, May 3, 2018

DIE AUFLÖSUNG live! Also, readings, con appearances & playtests

So my novel is now available for order as Die Auflösung, published by Piper Verlag and translated into German by Wolfgang Thon. It's out!

The month of May will be a whirlwind of events, partly to promote that book and also my upcoming Kickstarter with Avery and, you know, just because fun.

First there's Fantasy Basel:

(I expect to be floating around the con some Thursday, May 10 as well, so if you'll be there then, let me know.)

Bider & Tanner bookstore will have copies of Die Auflösung at their booth, Stand 510, Halle 2.2., Messe Basel.

Fantasy Basel
Friday, May 11
Saturday, May 12
I'll be helping out (and signing, I guess, if you bring a book?) at the Association of Swiss Authors of the Fantastic booth
Camp Nerdly

Then I will be at Camp Nerdly XI! It's an unconference, so there's no fixed schedule, but I'll run a playtest of Dream Apart, and it's possible someone might run Sing Your Heart Out.


Then Wiscon!

Friday, May 25
Disaggregated Identity In Recent SciFi
1:00 - 2:15PM
Annalee Newitz's 2017 novel Autonomous shares thematic echoes with Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe, Martha Wells's All Systems Red and Ann Leckie's Imperial Radch trilogy (Ancillary Justice and its sequels). They tell stories of networked identity and body violation. What is it like to have unaccountable masters who can alter your mind? How similar is that to being misinformed and betrayed, in normal human ways, by people and organizations who have power over you? Who gets to choose whether to be plugged in, to fuse, and with whom? How do these stories reflect our networked lives, online socializing and work, and the role of technology and bodily affordances in group and identity formation?
Kate Nepveu, Mary Amanda Clark, Liz Henry, Annalee Newitz, Benjamin Rosenbaum
Saturday, May 26
Dream Apart (game)
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Room 641
In Dream Apart you play a Jew of the shtetl, a little mostly-Jewish market town in the Eastern European countryside. In the cities, the industrial revolution has begun. Prussia, Russia and the Hapsburgs have devoured the small countries between them. Surrounded by an often hostile Christendom, wild forests in which anything might creep, and the invisible creatures of the Unseen World--angels, demons, ghosts, and dybbuks--the Jews of the shtetl try to outwit or outlast those who would do us harm. We feud and reconcile, bargain and gossip, celebrate and mourn, and snatch a little joy and love while we can. Life in the shtetl is sweet as raisin pastries and bitter as horseradish: may it be the Divine Will that it endures another season.
Sunday, May 27
Themes Of The Last Jedi
1:00 - 2:15PM
University B
If The Force Awakens was about hope and resistance against all odds, The Last Jedi seems to have taken a dip into what hopelessness looks like in the fight against tyranny. It's a much less optimistic film than it's predecessor, but does it carry the same weight as The Emperor Strikes Back or Attack of the Clones? What can we learn from these darker stories, and what turns of fate can we expect to take place in episode nine?
Rosemary / Sophygurl, Becky Allen, Anika Dane, Christopher Davis, Meredith Morgenstern, Benjamin Rosenbaum.
Ghosts 'n Gnostics (reading)
2:30 - 3:45PM
Conference 2
The soul of a deceased person, spoken of as appearing in a visible form, or otherwise manifesting its presence, to the living. The mind viewed as separate from the body. The designation given to certain heretical sects who claimed to have superior knowledge of things spiritual, and interpreted the sacred writings by a mystic philosophy. In general sense: one skilled or learned in any subject. Also slang, 'a knowing one', an adept in dishonest acts.
Anthony Ha, Mary Anne Mohanraj, David Moles, Benjamin Rosenbaum.
Indie RPG Publishing For Fun And No Profit
4:00 - 5:15PM
Conference 1
The number of full-time professional RPG publishers in the world is tiny, and indie publishers are even fewer. Yet it can be a lot of fun to create and publish your own tabletop RPG. Let's discuss how to do it (and maybe, just maybe, make some money in the process).
Rachel Kronick, Ty Blauersouth, Jon Cole, Victor J. Raymond, Benjamin Rosenbaum


Hope I see you at one of these...

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