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Friday, September 16, 2016

"Later that Day" at Persistent Visions

Hello, blog! It's been a while. These neglected commons, now that we live in the bright tweeting plastic fields with their bookish faces leering artifically at us, sterile enclosures of lotus-eating false bliss, etc., etc., anyway.

I have a new story out! That's been a little while, too... almost a year exactly, in fact, since "The First Gate of Logic" came out in Stories for Chip. But there will be more stories soon. The story engines have been reignited, now that the novel I was wrestling with so long is, you know, done. There's still the matter of selling it, about which there are beginning to be interesting murmurs... murmur murmur... but the point is, it's done. I am not writing it, it is not writing me. Technically this has been the case for a while, but only now does it really feel like it. So: stories.

Also, we moved back to Switzerland.

But anyway! I have a story out today: Later That Day, with a terrific illustration by Matthew Andrew.

(Here is my words-per-day chart on the story-writing front, in case you want to keep score at home.)

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