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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adaptations, remixes, reactions

A co-worker came by today with a copy of my book. He said "The Orange" was his favorite, and I was like, oh hey, did you know they made a movie of it? Which brought me back to Nick Fox-Gieg's short film of the story, and I've got to say, the comments there are the best thing evar.

I like this one a lot:

111mango222 6 years ago
um...ok today in life skills class they put this vid on 4 us and i had no freaking clue wat it was about. and then r teacher said it shows if we put 1 thing in charge and have all the power when its gone we end up lost or some shit like like that i was like WTF!!??!?

Life Skills class, people.

(Which makes me think the comment was written by one of the characters from Sofia Samatar's brilliant "How to Get Back to the Forest").

But I just love them all. I love the folks drawing earnest theological parallels between the orange and the life of Jesus. I love the people who are tripping while they watch it and the people who are like wtf and the people who rail against it as liberal atheist vegetarian blasphemy, and the people who are like dude that was f*ckin epic and the people who think it's about Obama and maybe most of all the people who feel like there is a great mystery here which they almost grasp and which were it revealed to them would change everything (possibly these are the same as the tripping people).

Plus omg check this out: a middle school class performing "The Orange". Such a terrific job! Was that it? Or did they go on from there?

And while I'm on YouTube, check this out: what seems to be a computer program reading aloud "The Ant King" -- and wow, text-to-speech has come a long way in just the last few years, because that is some uncanny valley and beyond level of cadence, diction, timbre and intonation right there.

People, this is what's so fun about publishing things -- putting them out into the world and getting a glimpse of what crazy shapes other people make of them in their minds.

O bountiful web, thank you for washing up these reimaginings upon the shores of my browser!

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