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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Metaworld

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The Metaworld is one of the four dimensions in Minecraft, along with the Overworld, The Nether, and The End.


Reaching The Metaworld

Unlike The Nether and The End, no special structures need to be built to reach the Metaworld, and it is available in the early game.

From any of the other dimensions, press "Escape", then "Save and Quit", and then "Exit Game". The current dimension will be replaced by another visual display, usually a "desktop" of some kind. If you examine the edges of this "desktop", you will notice that it is embedded in a Metaworld Portal Frame. The Metaworld is visible beyond the borders of this frame.


The Metaworld is superficially similar to the Overworld in many respects, but there are important differences. A different set of controls is used for navigation, and many activities, such as removing and placing blocks, crafting, and combat, are more difficult. Time moves slower in the Metaworld, with a tick rate of one tick per second.

One crucial difference is that players cannot respawn if killed in the Metaworld; in other words, the difficulty level is set permanently to Hardcore.


Hostile mobs are relatively rare in the most commonly visited biomes of the Metaworld, but griefing is common, and admins have limited ability to employ anti-griefing measures.

Because of these dangers, players are advised to avoid PvP, and to take caution when mining and exploring in the Metaworld.


Items gained in the Metaworld cannot be brought back to the other dimensions; instead, the Metaworld has its own "meta" resource game. The player must continually ensure a separate Metaworld supply of food, protection from hostile mobs and griefers, and electricity for the Metaworld Portal Frame. If a player neglects this aspect of play, they may find themselves involuntarily transported from the other dimensions into the Metaworld.

Because of its high difficulty level and the fact that items and experience do not transfer, many players prefer to minimize time spent in the Metaworld.

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