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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bike Trip

The kids were off at their grandparents' this weekend, and Esther and I took a two-day bike trip up the Rhein, including a pilgrimage to the site of the last Villa Diodati (well, almost -- we got as far as the cafe in Feldberg), and a really good lunch at a castle. The very last leg took us through the surreal, vast, menacing, unworldly Empire of Novartis across the border of Basel in Huningue, France -- how is it that I never took David Moles there? V. scary.

Home now. I have lots of writing news I am long overdue in posting (before this trip was a lovely trip down to Yverdon with Terri and her kids, and then Fasnacht, so it's been a busy last while) but it will have to come later, I'm exhausted.

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