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Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the radio

I'll be on the radio tomorrow -- chatting in German with moderator Daniel Buser and Basel mystery author Barbara Saladin about life and books, and reading a story or two in English -- as part of the Basel Stadtmusik Festival.

I got hooked up with this via my favorite cafe/bookstore in Basel, Nasobem. We'll be broadcasting live from the beautiful atrium of the Basel art museum, which the festival has tricked out with a sky-full of ethereal wafting white sashes overhead, a loungey radio studio and lounge chairs and nooks galore. It is trancearrific.

FM 106.6 for those in Basel, 2pm to 5pm-ish -- we'll also be streamed online for those farther out who want to listen (that would be 8am to 11am EST and 5am to 8am PST)....

See you in the ether, perhaps.

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