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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tumbarumba First Lines, #6: Stephen

The first lines of Stephen Gaskell's Tumbarumba story, "Reunion":

Peter slowed up, the streets unfamiliar.

He'd have asked for directions, but the narrow pavements were empty of life. Terraced houses packed both sides of the road, the dim flicker of televisions visible beyond dirty net curtains. He pictured an old couple, dinners on their laps, attention glued to the latest episode of Eastenders as they mechanically ferried some horrible slop into their mouths.

Stephen's was one of three stories that I snagged at the Villa Diodati workshop. Now wasn't that a productive little trip to Nice?

My Dad was inspired to do a little research. He notes, "the poem Tumba Bloody Rumba" -- which made "tumbarumba" a synonym for "tmesis" -- "seems to have been heavily influenced by Robert W. Service."

Five more days, until you can get your Tumbarumba on.

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