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Sunday, March 6, 2005

What Noah can say
Abaup, down, upwards, downwardsengl. "up", Sw.Ger. "abe" downwards
ÄtäeatSw. Ger "ässe", eat
Baballengl. "ball", Sw. Ger "Ball"
Baababathe Sw. Ger "baa-deh", bathe
BapaGrandpa (David)engl. "Grandpa"
BopoBopi (Grandpa Simon) Cousin Seraphina's "Bopi", from Sw. Ger "Grossboppi"
Bubaboy (also possible secondary meaning "to clean") Sw. Ger "Bueb" boy (also Sw. Ger "putze" to clean)
Dadathank you / please can I have that / here, take this Sw. Ger "danke" thank you
this, that, gimme Sw. Ger "das" that or "dä do" that there
DädäDaddyengl. "Daddy"
Dittedrink Sw. Ger "trinke", engl. drink
LalaLaurelour friend Laurel
MamaMommy Sw. Ger and engl. "Mama" mother
MämaGrandma (Karen)engl. "Grandma"
Mämägirl Sw. Ger "meitli" girl
MomoMomi (Grandma Rita) Cousin Seraphina's "Momi", from Sw. Ger "Grossmami"
NänänäNoSw. Gr. "Nei, nei, nei" no, no, no
Noah, I want to be involved in this interaction, possibly secondary meanings of "No" and "yes""Noah", also engl. "no", Sw. Ger. "nei" no
yes (rarely attested)engl. "yes" or "yeah", Sw. Ger. "ja" or "jo" yes

(Esther runs a close second, but the unchallenged expert in interpreting Noah's utterances is Aviva; she is the principal reference for this list.)

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