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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Finally Nebulous

Along with many other wonderful stories, my "Embracing-the-New" is on the Nebula Final Ballot.

Party in Chicago!

And yay to ballot-mates Greg "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Singularity" Eekhout and Chris "Greasy Grimy Gooey Singularity" Rowe and Ken "Romantic Tragicomedy With Gamma Rays Singularity" Wharton and Cory "Postcapitalist Social Mechanism" Doctorow (links to whose stories/books I blogged earlier) and the wonderful Eileen Gunn, and my cw2k1 instructors Brad Denton and Connie Willis, and Ellen Klages and Vernor Vinge whose stories were really cool, and ... well, everyone really.

Posted by benrosen at February 15, 2005 07:51 PM | Up to blog

Huge congrats, Ben! You rock!

Posted by: Heather Shaw at February 16, 2005 12:13 AM

Hey, congratulations Ben! I would say "you rock," but it's already taken :(

Posted by: Matt at February 16, 2005 09:03 AM

Yay Ben! Congrats, dude!

Posted by: Jason Erik Lundberg at February 16, 2005 10:32 AM

I'd like to know if you're planning to further develop Vru's world - perhaps in several stories, perhaps as a novel?
Have a nice life,

Posted by: Eduard Pandele at February 17, 2005 06:49 AM

One last question: I'd like to translate your Embracing-The-New story in Romanian. What steps must I make in order to buy the rights and publish your story in a magazine? I was thinking about publishing it in Lumi Virtuale : https://www.lumivirtuale.ro, a bi-monthly scifi magazine.
Thanks again,

Posted by: Eduard Pandele at February 17, 2005 06:53 AM

Hey Eddie,

I have the vague ambition to write some more about Vru's world. I'd like to show the society that Khancriterquee calls the Godless (which is obviously not what they call themselves). A lot of what Vru learned about them is in fact false. Besides the "Godly" and the "Godless", there's another group of tribals who have yet another mode of relating to Ghennungs.

So it's one of those things where I have a lot of worldbuilding/backstory in my head, but I'm waiting for actual *story* to show up.

Posted by: Benjamin Rosenbaum at February 17, 2005 08:48 AM

Thanks everyone for the congratulations! :-)

Posted by: Benjamin Rosenbaum at February 17, 2005 08:49 AM

In case y'all are curious about how I handle my vast empire of foreign rights sales, here's what I sent to Eddie in email about translating:


Hi Eddie,

I'd love to see Embracing-The-New in Romanian. If it's a noncommercial context, just go ahead and translate it, and send me a link... and
thank you! If it's a commercial context... well, just go ahead anyway, and thank you for asking. I didn't charge Futura anything to translate it into Bulgarian, and, you know, I don't want to stir up any cross-border conflicts. :-)

(I'm gambling that that joke will still be funny rather than offensive by the time it crosses the Atlantic).

Send me a link when it's up!


Posted by: Benjamin Rosenbaum at February 17, 2005 08:49 AM

Yay, Ben!

Posted by: law at February 21, 2005 05:55 PM
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